From Friesland to Mantiqueira - Content


             - Preface and Introduction 

Chapter I - The dreamy immigrant           

            How it all began

            The first days in Brazil

            Arrival in Mantiqueira – a little piece of Brazil


Chapter II - The dairy industry in Brazil           

           The factory of Mantiqueira

            Producing European cheese in Brazil

            Mantiqueira, cradle of innovation

            De Sá Fortes of Mantiqueira and Dutch livestock

            Herds in the Mantiqueira landscape


Chapter III - Jan Kingma’s Brazilian family

            Life in Mantiqueira and the encounter with the dark-haired school girl


Chapter IV - The pioneer

            João, the dreamer

            The origin of rennet

            The first rennet factory in South-America

            The revolution of Minas Gerais cheese to guava cheese


Chapter V - The livestock farmer

            ‘Do Pinho’ – the farm

            A passion for dairy farming

            Founding of the Mantiqueira Rural Association


Chapter VI - Business partners

            Generosity within the family

            The third business partner


Chapter VII - The employer

            The biggest employer


Chapter VIII - So many stories to tell

            A hat for Ian

            Darkness in the green eyes

            Gratitude towards friends

            The first television in Mantiqueira

            A presidential visit

            Chico Xavier – another famous visitor

            Passion for soccer

            Soccer at the soccer pitch of Guarani

            Nico, one of the popular guys

            House with an open door

            Two stubborn little children

            Carnival groups

            October 15th, a special day

            The basement of ‘Do Pinho’


Chapter IX - Times of pain and sorrow


Chapter X - Homesick for his Dutch relatives

            Memories of his roots


Chapter XI - The friend that gave mankind wings

            Santos Dumont – a friend

            A tribute to a friend


Chapter XII - The history of the city that welcomed him

            From Arraial de João Gomes to Palmyra and Santos Dumont

            Gratitude of the city he helped develop


Chapter XIII - Some more memories of my grandfather

            July 20th 1969

            Almost a year later

            Some final thoughts


Chapter XIV - Some addition

            The family of João Kingma

            The children of João Kingma



            About the author